Variations V as part of

a centennial celebration of the American composer John Cage (1912-1992) presents a three-day festival, April 13-15, featuring repertoire spanning over 50 years of the composer’s output.  Across 5 concerts, the festival will showcase John Cage’s repertoire for toy piano, percussion ensemble, vocal ensemble, string quartet, duos, and solos.  Performances will include works which exhibit Cage’s micro-macro rhythmic structure, a smattering of indeterminacy, three of his late Number Pieces, and a lecture on the John Cage Collection delivered by head music librarian, D.J. Hoek, putting into context the pieces performed on the festival.  A highlight of the festival involves two back to back performances of Variations V, a rarely performed, large multimedia piece with live electronics, musicians, video projection, photo cell sensors, and dance.  As a preview to the festival, pianist Eliza Garth comes to Chicago on March 31st to perform the complete Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano.

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