VV on numbers.fm

Both performances of Variations V on Saturday April 14 (7 & 9pm) will be remixed live on numbers.fm by DJ Lee Blalock!



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VV – press links








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VV Artists – Alex Inglizian

Alex Inglizian works with homemade analog synthesis controlled by light and body contacts (video examples in previous posts).
In Variations V, Alex’s synths will be incorporated as part of a complex feedback system controlled by ambient sounds, movement, and interactions with other artists during the piece.

Alex will also incorporate realtime sampling and manipulation of all sources.

Alex Inglizian also performs as a member of Arcanebolt.

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VV – opto_synth (Alex Inglizian)

[vsw id="1927355" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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VV – touch.listen.synth (Alex Inglizian)

[vsw id="5012484" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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Dreaming of Bardo Pond

A meditation on motion, stasis, and perception.

In southern rural Michigan, there is a place where a family friend built a log cabin.  My dad helped him build the cabin, and there are some very funny anecdotes about the planning and construction process – my dad being very meticulous and our friend almost wholly intuitive – but that’s for another post.  Also, interesting ideas about historical reconstruction versus contemporary practice (building a 19th century cabin and then living in it), for later.

Anyway, the cabin sets on a rise in the forest above a river.  To get there, you turn into a corn field and wind around a quarter mile or so, and then the track opens up into a clearing where the cabin lies.

But so, the dream:
I dreamt I was walking from the cabin with our friend down the rise, through scrub and leaves, to the river.  He kept saying, “Let’s visit Bardo Pond, we need to check on the pond”.  I thought, “pond?”.  So we get to the river and it’s partially covered with moss and debris.  There’s a small mound, like a miniature Native American burial mound, and he remarks, “Let’s check the temperature” and pokes a stick into it.  “Hmmm, a little warm”.  We walk on towards the river, to the place where there’s a natural spring;  we used to gather watercress there.  When we arrive at the spring, he checks the watercress, looks out over the water, and says, “ah, the pond”;  I replied, “but it’s a river”.

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VV – Enid contact mic-ing the fern

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VV – 16mm film “Puzzle III (silent version; excerpt)” by Tatsu Aoki

We are thrilled that Tatsu Aoki will be contributing 16mm silent film to Variations V![vsw id="38884343" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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VV Artists – Enid Smith, choreographer

Enid Smtih earned her BFA in modern dance from the North Carolina School of the Arts in 1999. In New York City, she danced with the Merce Cunningham Repertory Ensemble, Ivy Baldwin Dance, and Anita Cheng Dance, among others.


Regarding preparations for Variations V, Enid explains:

“What I’ve done is pick a few movements from Merce’s original choreography and developed my own phrases based on those movements.  When the new phrases were complete I put them into order using random number selection.  This random order of phrases was also designed to be flexible enough to allow for spatial variations (a TV in the middle of the room or a musician perhaps) and to include props at certain intervals.”


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VV – photocell instrument

This is the photocell instrument created and built specifically for Variations V by Cracked Ray Tube (James Connolly and Kyle Evans).  Six different photocells are connected to the box inputs, and they communicate with a MAX patch.  Adjustable thresholds for each separate photocell allow easy adjustment to particular environments.


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