Articular Facet at the Empty Bottle Jan. 9

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  1. Juvio delicious says:

    hi Julia,

    Shelby from Big Forever referred me to you – here’s what I wrote them (though looking at your site – I see you’re experimental guitarist, so maybe check out this link first

    Hello Anarcho-Martians,

    I am touring and available to perform in Chicago on any of these following dates: June 8-13.

    I offer an avant-garde music-theater pièce called ESQUIMO. Here is a clip of an Austin performance of ESQUIMO:

    It is very rare that I perform this piece for an audience worthy of its lofty goals. However your entry in stated “share with us your wildest dreams”, and this is one of them.

    It is either 22 or 44 minutes long, depending on the level of involvement by the audience. If they choose to remain passive spectators and do not move, groove, make sound, and engage in sensual/sexual touch, then it is 22 minutes.

    My alter ego, Panther Sequoia, is an experimental musician and songwriter who does a one-man trio. He is available too.

    Here is a little bit more about Panther:

    I play lyrical experimental spontaneous composition, and am looking to set up a show or be part of something already in the works. – sorry for the short notice – - I have a background in experimental music and brought John Zorn to play on the Violent Femmes second album Hallowed Ground in the early 80′s – I played in the Femmes Horns of Dilemma sporadically throughout their career, and also an co-founder of Schiz-Flux, a revolutionary, post-situationist group/tendency. From 1996-2000, I worked with Berkeley’s all-nude outside psychedelic be-in theatre troupe. Depending on what people want/are open to, I play with sound and love to bring people into a more intimate loving, sensual connection with each other. I love to break the rules, and subvert the boundaries between the performer and audience, sometimes having them make sound, movements, contact improv, and (even orgy, if that’s where the energy goes). If this sounds too “out-there” for your venue scene – no worries – I love all aspects of what I do – sticking with music is fine – but I let people know of the possibilities of my various performance personae in advance, in the hopes that something truly marvelous and co-conspiratorial can transpire. here’s one of my spontaneous guitar compostions: and here’s a clip of my Austin performance of my avant garde music-theatre bacchanalesque ESQUIMO: Let me know what I can to please and blow people’s minds/bodies/ears!
    Most Sincerely,

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