As a guitarist, Julia performs with the electroacoustic trio Auris, with Gimlet Eye, and as a frequent soloist and collaborator in experimental and avant garde chamber music. Auris’s current cd has been released on Artco Records (2009). Julia completed the performance half of a double MM in Classical Guitar Performance at Northwestern University in 1993, and currently serves as the Jazz, Folk and Contemporary Guitar Department Chair at the Music Institute of Chicago, where she is also a Suzuki Guitar specialist.

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4 Responses to Guitarist

  1. Hi Julia,

    Elbio here, let’s talk about that Guitar Summit I want to organize during the Latino Music Festival…

    this is the link for the Latino Music Festival

    this is the link for my radio show at WFMT 98.7

    this is the link to my official website


  2. bob schneider says:

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope you are enjoying your special day. Keep on creating. You make a difference.

    p.s. For an update on our daughter and son in law Duo46 visit

  3. Michael Ross says:

    Hi Julia

    Hope you are well

    I am a friend and former band mate of Gino Robair

    I am contacting you to let you know about a new webzine:

    The magazine’s goal is to provide a curated space for performers and fans of modern, experimental, avant-garde, and adventurous guitar and bass, with a level of coverage unavailable in the other guitar magazines.

    It features:

    - Artist interviews
    - Gear reviews and tutorials
    - Videos
    - and more

    I urge you to check it out. If you like it, let your friends and fans know. Please “like” it on Facebook, where there will be more time-sensitive posts that won’t go on the site itself.

    Keep me apprised of any of your recordings, upcoming performances and videos. Feel free to post these on the Facebook site. Please let me know about any other performers, gear, etc., that might be of interest to the magazine’s readers.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Michael Ross

  4. admin says:

    Hi Michael, your post got cut off. I’m easier to reach thru julia at juliamiller dot org

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