Adjunct Associate Professor, Sound and Liberal Arts

The School of the Art Institute, Chicago

Jazz, Folk and Contemporary Guitar Dept. Chair

The Music Institute of Chicago

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6 Responses to Educator

  1. alan says:

    i live in louisville, do you offer single lessons?

  2. alan says:

    oh, forgot to add… i’ll be in chicago may 1st and 2nd

  3. admin says:

    Sure! Let’s set something up.

  4. Michele Horner says:

    I’d love to have you teach at my summer guitar week. Please email me to discuss further!

  5. lisa sipe says:

    long time somewhere moving back would like you to meet my brillant sm one she studied under a dumb ass however told her all about you,,,ya ya you saved my ass,,,anyhow shes good and want to send her your way to a real school, cant wait to hear from you and yes your still hot….lisa

  6. admin says:

    hey Lisa
    nice to hear from you. contact me at ok?

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