Program for NMGM May 2

A Celebration of Composed, Improvised, and Graphic/Visual Music and Sound

The Entrance (1965)                            Robert Ashley (b. 1930)
Julian Berke and Jeff Kowalkowski, Nord synthesizers
(originally for two electronic organs)

(something) into the Stream/(something) in the Stream (2010)     Noe Cuéllar/Joseph Kramer
for bellows and electronics

Songs (2010)
Carol Genetti, voice
Frank Abbinanti, trombone

Pieces of Night, Introduction (1989)                    George Flynn (b. 1937)
11th Piece (2009)                            Sidney Samberg
Sidney Samberg, piano

Julian Berke, keyboard
Nick Alvarez, percussion


Volo Solo (1965)                            Cornelius Cardew
Julia Miller, electric guitar
Frank Abbinanti, piano

Synchronization/Pixilation for Electronic Didgeridoo and Real-Time Video (2010)  Kyle Evans

Hypatia (for Bb clarinet, piano, percussion, and electronics)              Marita Bolles
Christie Miller, Bb clarinet
Jeff Kowalkowski, piano
Mike Charbonneau, percussion
Blake Taylor, percussion

Hedge Fund Junkies(2010)                             Frank Abbinanti
written for/performed by Gimlet Eye
Julia Miller, guitar
Julian Berke, keyboard
Nick Alvarez, percussion
with Frank Abbinanti, piano

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