Chicago Calling

Here is the link to a recording of a performance on WNUR between improvisers in Chicago, Germany, and Japan:
WNUR had participated in the festival in previous years, but this was the most ambitious venture to date. The event/composition was called “Aural Architecture” and the musicians in our studios played simultaneously with artists in Berlin and Japan in a telematic performance via 4 live internet connections. In Chicago we had Julia Miller (guitar), Satya Gummuluri (vocals), Dan Godston (trumpet), Sarah Ritch (cello), and Anthony Poretti (drums). Joining them via Skype in Berlin at Berg26 were artists and technicians bringing to “life” the experience of walking through a 19th century morgue at 3am where artists had set up a collection of sound-based works in the form of performances, installations and objects/sculptures.

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