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Art-of-Guitar-FlyerThe Art of the Guitar concert series, presented by Julia A. Miller and Articular Facet, are an outgrowth of an SAIC class which spans the history of the modern guitar and related instruments from the Renaissance to the present, particularly to the avant.  Important considerations include, but are not limited to, guitar construction (classical, acoustic, and electric), the guitar as a model in artistic practice, and guitar performance practice.  Art of the Guitar is particularly concerned with a synthesis of styles and techniques, and cross pollination.

April 12    Elastic Arts Foundation, 3429 West Diversey, Chicago             8pm
Christopher Riggs

Brian Torosian

Avant/Synth Guitar Trio (Reid Karris, Julia Miller, Elbio Barilari)

25 Electric guitar ensemble – “An Angel Moves Too Fast To See” (Rhys Chatham)

April 13    Ryan Education Center, Art Institute of Chicago                         1pm
Julia Miller and the SAIC Art of the Guitar class
*note – this concert is RSVP only

April 15    H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art, Carthage College, Kenosha WI    4pm
Julia Miller and Harrison Bankhead

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